Here’s What Others Are Saying

As a start-up 5 years ago, I was struggling to find where I could get the clients I needed for Life insurance without spending massive costs on Google & Social media advertising.

I contacted Leads Factory and noted it was far more cost saving in the long term than setting up my own campaigns where I competed constantly with bigger companies and was becoming unsustainable.

In short, I stuck to what I know about insurance and paid for leads as I was able to get them and this has improved my business considerably over the years. Also I find the sales staff friendly, prompt and efficient dealing with my varying requests over the years.

I am happy to recommend Leads factory as my prime source of Lead generation for Life Insurance clients.

Michael Teehan, Perklife - Insurance Brokers

I have been dealing with Leads Factory since early 2009 and have found their services to be excellent. You are sent leads/enquiries almost instantaneously in a location that suits you.

I set up my business in 2008 and teamed up with Leads Factory the following year and my business has grown on the back of the sales generated from their leads. I can honestly say that the sales I got from their services kept me going in the early days of business and especially through the recession.

I would highly recommend Mike and the team from Leads Factory.

PJ Farrell, Farrell Financial Services

I have been working with Leads Factory for over 5 years.

In this time I have developed a very strong commercial relationship with them and they are without doubt our businesses preferred supplier for leads generation through online advertising.

Damien Malone

We have been using Leads Factory for over 6 years. They have been a key driver in our success and growth over that period.

They provide a consistent flow of leads and provide a very reliable and fair service. I would strongly recommend any business owner who is looking to increase business, to give them a go.

If you have a good system to convert the leads and can sell, you will 100% get a good ROI on your investment.

Darragh O’Connor, Pinnacle Financial

I have been using Leads Factory for over 5 years as part of my marketing strategy. During this time I have built a close business relationship with Jijo.

The service delivers consistent leads and is flexible, professional and trustworthy.

Matt Conlon, MyLife Financial

Great lead generation system that is very user friendly. Quality leads that can be delivered in a short space of time and most of all the conversion rate is very good.

Makes my paperless business a great success!

Wayne Noonan, Noonan Financial Services

I have being receiving leads since 2011 and I pleased to say that we have forged a very good partnership with them ever since.

It is a way of finding new clients, and as you know this is very important part of our business, and as I say when you get your leads it is up to you to make the most of them. Some leads can be very good and others not so, but in general they are a good help to get new clients, and I find that Leads Factory are very genuine to deal with.

Hugh McMahon, McMahon Financial Services